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Our Luxury-Pad

If you treasure your rugs and care for your hardwood floors, our Luxury-Pad is your ultimate choice. This affordable investment only needs to be purchased once, and you’ll be reaping the benefits for decades to come. It’s the one and only underpad that extends the life of your rugs and safeguards your floors. Crafted from top-tier materials, our Luxury-Pad guarantees that your rugs and floors will age beautifully, offering up to 30 years of extended life.

This invaluable underlay/pad is constructed with 100% eco-friendly materials, is proudly Canadian-made, and is composed of natural fibres. It’s suited for hardwood floors, tiles, and marble surfaces.

Why Choose Our Luxury-Pad:

You can’t afford to be without it!

Consult the Experts

At Terry’s Rugs, we’re passionate specialists in washing and repairing Persian and Oriental rugs, some with over 35 years of experience dating back to 1982 in Montréal. After serving countless homes and offices in the Ottawa-Gatineau area since January 2001, we’ve observed that most rugs required extra washing and minor repairs due to bad vacuuming and the absence of proper under-padding.

Interestingly, consumers aren’t at fault for lacking the right rug pads!

Many local rug retailers provide mesh pads as quality under-padding, but here’s the truth: mesh pads are too thin to absorb anything, and they offer little to no protection. Rugs wear out 30% faster with mesh pads. They only prevent slipping, and they tend to wrinkle and stick to floors.

Without proper padding, your precious rugs won’t last as long and you’ll be spending more time and money on repairs. All foam or mesh pads on the market fall short of providing the total protection your rugs and hardwood floors need.

Choose our Luxury-Pad for Longevity and Protection

Our Luxury-Pad was designed to extend the life and beauty of your rugs and safeguard your floors. We supply only quality pads designed for hardwood floors that are cut specifically for your rug when purchased. They are safe for both kids and pets.

pet safe underpads Luxury-Pad

Installation Instructions

Method One

Method Two

Underpad Installation Instructions

Storage Note: Before you store your underpad, make sure to vacuum it first. Also, always roll the black side in and never fold it.

Elevate your rug experience and protect your floors with our Luxury-Pad – the trusted choice for rug lovers and hardwood enthusiasts.

Luxury-Pad Pricing

2024 Luxury-Pad Pricing
Get 10% off our Luxury-Pad when you acquire one of our rugs!
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