Area Rug Cleaning

We have been cleaning Area Rugs and oriental carpets from all origins for over 30 years. All rugs are cleaned locally at our facilities in Ottawa.

Only a Professional Handwashing will give new life to all area rugs, restore the lustre of the wool, silk and synthetic fibres by removing harmful dirt deep in the pile. Our experts put a lot of time and care into the process.

Unlike most professional cleaners, we employ proven traditional cleaning techniques. Basic and effective.

We keep it simple. Dusting, wetting (not soaking), shampooing by hand and rinsing with fresh water. Repeat 1 or 2 more times after that for better results.

The drying process is very important and has to be done quickly in order to prevent odour-causing bacteria proliferation. At our facilities, all rugs are completely dry between 5 and 8 hours. At home, without the proper tools, it’s almost impossible to clean rugs effectively.

WARNING: Do not have your rugs STEAM cleaned or DRY cleaned. Those methods are harmful to natural fibres.

We’ll do our best to clean and even rescue your rugs from pet accidents, spills and floods.

Disclaimer: Even though we do our best, some stains and odours might be permanent (wine, urine, food colorants, acidic liquids etc) specially if they are old accidents. For that reason, we can not guarantee 100% removal of stains and odours. Also, synthetic rugs with pile badly matted down are almost impossible to recuperate.