Rug Care

Because we care about you and the rug makers, here are some of Terry’s Rugs Tips:

 ► Vacuuming – Vacuum your rugs as often as needed (Floor attachment only, NO roller/beater bar).  Vacuum in one direction only, WITH the nap.         In fact, for centuries, rugs have been swept and brushed with regular brooms and brushes. The vacuum cleaner with a beater bar was invented for broadloom/wall-to-wall carpet, and can seriously damage area rugs over time.

► Spot Cleaning – Spot clean immediately when an accident happens.

You have everything you will need for Spot Cleaning at home.  Products such as Scotch Guard and various powders and sprays will do little to nothing for your rugs. In fact they will leave residues of soaps and chemicals in the fibres that are difficult to remove and will later surface as stains on future washings.


1 – Remove the excess of the spill by either Vacuuming (ShopVac or similar), or Scooping out the liquid with a rug spot cleaning regular spoon (traditional method)        Attention: Blotting/Dabbing is bad for the rug, for it pushes the spill deeper into the rug.

2 – Prepare the following simple formula: 1 cup of warm water, 1-2 drops of Ivory Dish Soap (or any soap soft on the hands) and half teaspoon of WHITE vinegar, agitate.

3 – Pour some of the solution on the spot and scrub/brush it to agitate the fibres, suck up with vacuum or scoop with spoon. Repeat as many times as you see fit.

4 – Rinse with clean water then vacuum or scoop out the liquids again.  Repeat the process as necessary.

5 – Final step: Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, Brush the pile (while still damp) towards the original direction of the nap and let the rug dry. When completely dry, brush the piles again to loosen the fibres and achieve the natural soft look. Voilá !

 ► Underpad – Always have proper pads for all your rugs that are used on hard surfaces. Such as hardwood floors, tiles, or marble.

 ► Rotate your rugs 1-2 times a year for an even wear and sun fading.

 ► Rug Cleaning – Have your rugs hand washed every 3-5 years by a professional like Terry.   Even if not walked on regularly, rugs still need to be refreshed and have their matted down/squashed fibres restored. REMEMBER: Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning are HARMFUL to natural fibres such as wool, silk and cotton.  The best method is Hand Washing by professionals.

Note: Oriental rugs can be used in your home or office as well as in areas where traffic is very high. Although these rugs can withstand such abuse, they will certainly last longer with just a little care.