At Terry's Rug Gallery we take special care of the repair and restoration of your rugs, using professional techniques and methods which will give new life to your rugs and bring them as close as possible to the original state.


We have saved countless rugs from situations like:


- Floods and Flower pot rotting;

- Pet chewing;

- Moth damaging;

- Vacuum damaging;

- Tears, burns, cuts;


Our services include major and minor repairs such as:


- Refringing;

- Reweaving and re-knotting (original Persian and Turkish knots, invisible repairs)

- Rug Reducing, Stretching, Mending;

- Hand dyeing of the fibers and fringes;

- Fixing curling edges;

- Serge, Binding and Selvage reweaving



Corner Reweaving (busy puppy)                                                    Multiple Holes (rotten spots)


Rug repair reweaving hole


    For more info, questions or to book a pick up call us at:  613-728-2622