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Every Area Rug deserves to have a Proper Pad no matter how fine the rug is or how it was made.


- It will prevent accidends from happening by keeping rugs from moving around.

- Will Extend the rug's life greatly for many decades.

- Will save you money by also protecting all your floors and rug fibers by allowing them to breathe.

The Pad we supply was made with all that in mind.

Quality underlay will prevent fibers from getting matted down prematurely and will prevent the rug from moving around.

Our underpad will also allow air to circulate between the floor and your rugs, letting both breathe.

It's a top-quality Canadian product, the only one recommended by true Oriental Rug Experts and it was designed specifically for area rugs of both natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton) and synthetic (poly) that are used on hard surfaces such as hardwood floor, tiles, concrete, laminates, marble. This pad was designed to prevent rugs from wearing out faster by acting as a shock absorbant and anti slip. In other words, your rugs will last in beauty.

Although very popular, Foam Mesh underpads (below) should NOT be recommended for area rugs. They are usually made from latex or pvc foam, which will eventually melt and stick to the hardwood floor leaving permanent marks. Besides that, they lack the right thickness for a good rug support. They shouldn't be called "pads".

                                                                                                       Bad underlay

Come visit us and take a sample of our quality pads home and you'll see and feel what a true underlay is.