1 - How do your prices compare to other retailers?

There are 2 main reasons why we have the lowest prices.

First, our showroom operates from a warehouse outlet that has a service department of Rug Cleaning (hand washing) and Repairs of both Persian and Oriental rugs.  In fact, our rent is 40% lower compared to similar retail space in Ottawa.  Second, cleaning and repairs is our main business.  So, for us there is no pressure to sell rugs. We simply supply rugs for people’s needs at lower prices.


2 - Do you have a good selection in stock?

We have one of the biggest selections of area rugs in all styles, colors and sizes. Always with over a thousand rugs in stock, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. We can also order specific rugs for you since we have the best suppliers.


3 - Is there parking available ? Is it Free?

Yes!  There is plenty of free parking in front of the store


4 - How's the after purchase service?

The best. Because we are a service company, we will provide you with all information on how to proper care for your rug at home, how to deal with spills, how to properly vacuum etc. We strive to serve you and ensure that your rugs last in beauty making you happy in the long term.


5 - Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver and we also pick up Area Rugs rugs for washing and repairs. Our delivery service is the best because you get the expert Terry Lopes himself at your door to advise you.


6 - Do you allow customers to try the carpets at home?

It’s a MUST. Trying the rugs you pre-select in the store for at least 3 to 5 days will surely allow you to see if they suit your needs. Only at home you will be able to judge properly the size and shape and colours, in different day lights.


7 – Is child labour used in the production of your rugs?

No. Our suppliers use only adult labour like the pictures below.


turkish weaver kilim rug       afghan rug weaver


chinese weaver silk rug      rug Weavers at work


8 – How should I prepare to go shopping for rugs?

Before shopping for any rug, bringing floor samples, fabrics and/or cushions will help.  The best, however, will be pictures of your home showing the furniture layout and where you need rugs (take pictures from different angles). By seeing your photos (e-mail, camera, tablet, phone), we will be able to help you better by giving you suggestions of what might be the best size, shape and color to harmonize with your surroundings. 


9 – Does wool last as well as synthetic fibers?

First of all, every animal has good and bad wools. Good wools are usually on the neck, legs and sides of the animal. Bad wools are on the top where it catches rain, excess of sun rays making it a drier wool.

Over the last 10-15 years, 40% of the hand knotted rug manufactures have been weaving with bad/dry/cheap wools, which are cheaper to produce/easier to sell, resulting in:

-bad quality, cheap products that won't last long;

-coarse fibers that will shed easily;

-and dyes that won't hold properly and bleed after a spill.


So if you see a very cheap wool rug for sale, be careful. Touch it, feel it and if possible, try it at home before purchasing to make sure it is a good product.


Wool rugs woven by machine - Weaving Machines work at a very high speed allowing ONLY good, strong (healthy) wool to pass through. Bad wool will break during the process. 

Machine made wool rugs are better than most hand knotted wool rugs due to the consistency of the weaving and quality of the materials. Good wool rugs (either machine or hand knotted) will last very long, some times reaching 200 years (with proper care).


Even the best wool rugs will not be suited for the front/garage/back door during the winter. Natural fibres, (wool, cotton, silk) will deteriorate faster in these conditions.  Whereas a good synthetic fiber (polyester, polypropilene) will be the best choice to withstand snow, salt and mud/sand.

We recommend quality synthetic fibres for families with children and/or pets, which are prone to spills and accidents.

Good machine made rugs with dense pile and good synthetic fibres can last 10 to 20 years easily.  Again, provided they are taken care properly.


10 – Is there service in French?

Yes. Bah oui !!  We also speak English and Portuguese. 


11 – Are there ever clearance sales?  If so, when?

Yes, like every retailer that stocks merchandise, we need to renew it to move. And in our case the more we move, the happier our customers will be.  We have several sales during the year.  They are announced on our website.


12 – Is your store child friendly?

Yes, kids love to run around and jump on the rug piles. We even have baloons to keep kids happy while parents browse :)


13 – How easy is to get to Terry's Rugs?

Very easily. We are close to Merivale and Hunt Club area.   Here is a helpful map.


14 – Do all Rugs need Underpads/underlays?  And do you sell them?

The only time a rug will not need a pad is when it’s on top of broadloom, (wall-to-wall carpet) because it already acts as a shock absorbant for area rugs.

Yes, all other rugs (machine made or hand made, wool and synthetic) need a quality pad to act like a shock absorbant in order to absorb the pressure of walking on it, furniture, which will prevent fibers from getting squashed prematurely and hold dirt between the fibers. Also a quality pad has to be thick enough and also should prevent the rugs from moving around on all hard surfaces and should allow the rugs and the floors to breathe.

Rugs will always need underpads if they are on hard surfaces and the only way they will last a long time and protect your floors, we strongly recommend them.


          Link:Quality Underpad